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Masters of Achievement


The Success Stories' Masters of Achievement  This brand new initiative was given creative life in August 2020 to acknowledge those who truly are, as the talented singer, Tina Turner sang, "Simply the Best". They are accomplished in their field, tend to share their talents and resources to help others, and work very hard - beyond expectations - to master their achievement. "I have no interest in handing out trophies or hosting an award show and this idea is not intended to go down that path. Instead, it is meant to inspire people to be creatively motivated to be the very best they can be AND to broaden their scope of talents. Let's say you are a welder and you have a steady gig and you are a damn good welder. I want that person to dream about what they've always wanted to do with their welding skills - tap into that creative energy or fire in the belly and make something that exudes your creative self. Maybe you've wanted to fix the basketball polls in your town courts...weld them to make them indestructible - that's a great achievement, " said Tom McNulty, President/Founder of Success Stories, Inc. and creator of the Masters of Achievement concept. "Most of us have a famous person we look up to and admire for what they've achieved. Why? I believe it's because they did something or could do several things that reach into our sense of, "I want to be like that..." It's that someone who touched your heart, spirit, dreams, or ambitions," McNulty added. To give you an idea, here are just a few of my "Masters" who lit a spark for me: Willie Mays - a player who gave it his all during every pitch. Praised as a baseball star, but ostracized as a black man. As a young kid of 8-9-10, I knew it was ridiculous, but I so admired him as a man of courage Ben Ferencz - the 27 year-old chief prosecuting attorney at the Nuremberg trials. I was scared to watch films of those trials, but seeing him, at 27 and 4"10" take on the top Nazi leaders, I learned the meaning of determined conviction. Usain Bolt - the three-Olympics Gold Medalist in the 100, 200, and 400 meter relay races demonstrated unconditional devotion to maximizing what his high performance body could achieve. Known around the world, he came back to help fellow country men and women. I ran those same races in high school and intramural sport at FSU, so I was a follower early on. Benazir Bhutto - the first female prime minister of the Muslim nation of Pakistan in 1988 - assassinated in 2007. She was educated at Radcliffe College and Harvard University on to Oxford. She suffered the public hanging of her father, the death of two murdered brothers, yet became the leader of the People Party of Pakistan. What attracted me to her was her bravery, dedication to her people, and courage - all of which I knew but saw in a 60 Minutes interview. She candidly said (paraphrase), "I fully expect to be killed in office, but I will not hide as our people need hope." Giving your life for the hope of others. As she predicted, she was killed by a suicide bomber in 2007 - a martyr for HOPE. I think you get the concept. Sometimes there will be a list and other times there will be a brief story like the one about Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. We welcome your comments here and on our Success Stories, Inc. Facebook page: Please stop in often. I'm confident you will enjoy our Masters of Achievement.

Thank you. Tom McNulty

  FEMALE SINGER MASTERS - Based on Voice Quality, Strength, Passion, and Endurance

Our very first Masters of Achievement category focuses on accomplished female singers as defined by voice quality, strength of voice, passion exuded, and the endurance of their voice in song, formats, and years. We are avoiding the more commercial, popular, industry, and award definitions as you will clearly see. Our definition has certainly added their personal and professional success; however, we want to zero in on those qualities you might also see in a successful business. We also wish to have laser beam attention to their voice and not their personal life be it glorious or sad.

Here are our rank order choices for Simply The Best and our Next Best:

   Simply The Best:

Whitney Houston                                                       

Ann Wilson

Celine Dion

Mariah Carey

LeAnn Rimes

Lady GaGa

Christina Aguilera


Stevie Nicks

Toni Braxton

The Next Best:

Jennifer Warnes

Linda Ronstadt

Rita Coolidge

Jennifer Hudson

Dione Warwick/Patsy Cline (tie)