Mind Your Own Business-Heads Up Business was created by Tom McNulty, in 2010, to help employers address emotional issues in the workplace and to help people be their personal and professional best.

McNulty has a Masters degree in behavioral health, worked as a therapist for years, worked in a psychiatric hospital and created an employee assistance program, Progressive Corporate Care while at BryLin Hospitals in New York. He served as President/CEO of the Mental Health Association and has been a volunteer member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. He hosted a weekly health talk radio program exclusively on behavioral health called, Mind Matters. McNulty has received several awards for his work in the behavioral health field. Listen to his new podcast MindSet 2022.

Heads Up Business recognizes every employer's needs are different and should be handled and respected that way. Why pay for services you are not using when you should pay for only what you need, when you need it? That's Heads Up Business!

Heads Up Business is a service of Success Stories, Inc. designed to provide customized consultative services regarding behavioral and emotional health in the workplace and academic settings.

As depression is now the #1 reason employees call in sick, it is extremely critical for businesses to pay close attention to the emotional balance of those who carry out the corporate mission. The mental health of employees impacts productivity, safety, morale and their well-being. The Covid pandemic has had considerable negative impact on employee morale and well-being in many companies and organizations.

For most organizations, employees are the most valued asset. Take good care of those taking care of your company.

Heads Up Business will not give you a template or another expensive EAP program; rather, we will listen to what you need and develop a program specific to your workforce or an individual.

Interested? Contact Tom at:

 (716) 481-4578

tomsuccess@verizon.net or visit us at Heads Up Business on Facebook

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