About Us: Get To Know Our Values

Success Stories, Inc. was created in 1990 to help existing and newly formed companies through management and marketing consulting support. We have helped our clients achieve extremely cost-effective growth and revenue generation through practical marketing plans, solid public and media relations, appropriate use of advertising, social media, staff training, revitalization and financial planning. On our Services page you'll see a complete array of professional competencies we bring to you. 

Success Stories is exclusive to healthcare, life sciences, start ups, and not for profit organizations. We are the only firm, in WNY, with such a defined focus - Healthcare.

When you hire Success Stories, the president of the company works with you - not an account executive. Further, we don't have the overhead or big agency expenses, so we pride ourselves on delivering true and meaningful value. Like most of our client's businesses, Success Stories is run like a tight family company based on passion, experience and a dedication to achieve success.

Success is also about being able to cherish time with people we love! I am the oldest of four brothers and we were raised by loving parents who instilled wonderful values, integrity and the importance of treating others as you wish to be treated - old fashion Golden Rule.

I hope you agree.

In the photo to the right you'll see what I mean. We caught more than 200 fish in two days in the Florida Keys. Those fishermen are my brothers and a brother-in-law. We created great memories I will treasure..

In knowing who we are you get to know our work ethic and dedication to excellence and to one another.

Thank you for taking critical time to get to know who we are and what we do!

Tom McNulty, M.S.

Founder and President

Success Stories, Inc. 









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