Created by Tom McNulty 

Human Experience Productions was born from years of experience in multi-platform presentations including, but never limited to, photography, film, DVD, storytelling, testimonials, written word, training using creative media and so much more. The emphasis of this new service is on telling a story to highlight the human experience. As such, we sharpen the focus on the great, good, bad, vicious and ugly sides and impact of peoples' daily lives.

                                                                         Our Goal

To foster real change by stimulating awareness that leads to meaningful, measurable and sustainable life improvement using visual storytelling (or audio-only, if you insist!).

We will create projects ourselves, but we will help you create your special idea, message or experience.

As a society we have an obligation to facilitate change when change improves the human experience. Sometimes we expose the unthinkable and other times we salute the dreamers who made something wonderful happen for others.

Our philosophy is consistent with Success Stories and we seek enduring impact for all of our efforts. 

Some things can't wait, shouldn't wait and won't wait; so, we act to improve the human experience.

No idea is silly and we are very prepared to tackle the tough subjects (elder abuse, human trafficking, opioids, incest, domestic and child abuse, and the miracles of life, giving, helping others and changing minds).  Through our affiliation with Spotlight on Hope, Inc. - a 501 c 3 - we can collaborate on grant requests and creative pricing and funding. In essence, we help remove any barriers to move forward. Sound good so far?

Do You Want To Make A Movie?           Of Course You Do!

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We Have Many Ways To Make It Happen, Including

 Working With Spotlight on Hope, Inc. or Episodes Motion Pictures.

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