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     2024 Is Our 34th Year Anniversary !!

Success Stories, Inc. was created in 1990 to help existing and newly formed companies with management and marketing consulting.  We've done this extremely well!

After 34 years, we remain the creative, innovative, and an impactful organization. As such, we evolve, yet stay within our core capabilities. Success Stories, Inc. has developed five major divisions with the company.


Success Stories, Inc. created Bellissimo International: Models, Artists, & Talent Management in September 2022. Our founder, Tom McNulty has been an award-winning photographer for 35+ years. With years of advertising, film, commercial production, television and film work, he has gained a tremendous level of experience in working with the media, corporate clients, and professional models to provide the best fit for the client and the models. Tom is very comfortable behind the camera and he knows how to accentuate the natural attributes of beginner models and professional models. Click here to learn more.  www.bellissimo-international.com                         


Human Experience Productions (HEP) is a very unique media production company. Developed by Success Stories, Inc. to address human service organization's needs to branch into more visual messaging, HEP was created to produce TV commercials, short educational films, 30-minute TV and film features, and awareness campaigns in the not-for-profit sector as well as for companies on a limited budget. Spotlight on Hope, Inc., a 501 c 3 not for profit has hired HEP on several occasions to produce cost-effective and impactful visual productions. HEP has produced radio and TV commercials, 60-minute TV Specials on Alcohol Abuse, Geriatric Depression, Adolescent Depression, Orthopedic Innovations (Excelsior Orthopaedics), (3) Gilda's Club (fundraiser shorts with David Collins Productions), Pictogram Medical Education for Neighborhood Health Centers, the upcoming MindSet podcast, and Spotlight on Health weekly broadcast.


Totally Psych'd was created by Tom McNulty to address employment, workforce, and personal uncertainty in ever-changing work environments. 

  • How many people do you know who have a single set of skills usually in one industry?
  •  Have you, family members or friends in the 50s been laid off, furloughed, fired, or displaced? Now what, right?
  • Do you have high school or early college age children who really do not know what they want their field of study to be - or - they switch majors and end up in undergraduate status for six plus years?  
  Totally Psych'd is a customized and highly individualized program designed to help individuals zero in on their core strengths, interests, and dreams to help formulate a meaningful and achievable personal plan for success. We are NOT one of those Outplacement Services - ugh!

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS is an on-site consulting and education service to address employee behavioral health issues in the workplace, board room,  for the executive team, and for the individual. The central purpose is to assess unique concerns in a workplace environment and to foster change and performance improvement by integrating behavioral health education into any workforce. Issues may include: sexual harassment, CEO/executive bullying, domestic violence, addiction, conflict chaos, depression (the #1 reason people call in sick), caregiver obligations, trauma, and Covid-19.



Our Consulting and Organizational Impact division began in 1990 as the backbone and growing foundation of the company. With a primary concentration in healthcare, Success Stories, Inc. opened with a big contract from the University of Buffalo Dental School. Our work landed us instant visibility and respect as the Dean spoke openly and often of our creative insights and practical solutions to a system-wide struggling communication problem. Requests for proposals were coming in at a very good pace. Before long we were working with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Monroe Plan, Crossbridge Physician Group, Catholic Health, BryLin Hospitals, Excelsior Orthopaedics. LifeCell Dx, and DENT Neurologic Institute - the largest neurology practice in the country. Additionally, we did work for small start up companies such as the Baseball Academy of WNY, A-E-I-Oh U Kids, and Electronic Management Services (healthcare IT). Our core capabilities, and request for services, centered around executive management support, marketing, professional recruitment, market research, event planning, web/social media development, and healthcare hospitality. With a very strong background in behavioral health and not-for-profits, Success Stories, Inc. offered workplace behavioral health consultation and grant writing services. All of these services define our ongoing strength in healthcare, behavioral health, workplace health, start ups, and life sciences.


Publishing services include a wide array of capabilities including, books, photography, Trademark, Copyright, and our major project as the publishing and marketing support for Episodes-The Movie, "the EPISODES", Captions (a screenplay for film), and The Freshman (a screenplay for film). Launched in 2022, Success Stories, Inc. is contracted with Spotlight on Hope, Inc. to direct and promote, MindSet 2022 - a behavioral health podcast on iTunes, Amazon, and social media outlets.


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