Services: We Listen to What You Want

Here's what we do best:

Healthcare Hospitality:

 Assessment & Training

Business Plans

Marketing Plans or Action Plans

Communications Plans 

Media, Public & Advertising and Strategies

Healthcare Writing Skills

Web and Java Development

Digital Marketing + SEO

Mobile App Development

Social Media Development

Strategic Planning

Program Development

Interim Executive Position

New Location Scouting & 


Training: Management & 


Management and/or Board 


Small-Medium Business


Financial Assessment &


Health Promotion

 HEADS UP BUSINESS. We can do all those great things above, but if your employees are disconnected - your company can be in serious jeopardy.

HEADS UP BUSINESS addresses the behavioral and emotional health issues impacting productivity, safety, and morale in the workplace. In most companies, employees are your greatest assets. We help you keep them balanced and in harmony with your primary mission.

Together, we can help you move forward in a strong direction toward success. 

Yes, I've been to Teddy's place on Delaware Avenue in Buffalo. Buffalo hosted the famous Pan American Exposition and Delaware Avenue is known as Millionaire's Row - No, I don't live there!