"I need adventure. I'm tired of park benches and bread crumbs, aren't you ready for some meaning in your life?" 

 Totally Psych'd is a brand new service of Success Stories, Inc. and it's all about firing people up, at any age level, to be magnificently dynamic, reinvented, creative, passionate and, you guessed it, Totally Psych'd. Imagine a presentation to your management team who have gotten a wee bit flat or your Board of Directors who are not sure why they are in the room. 

High school freshman and seniors looking for a path that feels right and is a good fit, along with college freshman who have not discovered a major and might be on a path for six years instead of four... they are a perfect audience for a Totally Psych'd session.

Are you in a rut and wish to do something more meaningful? If so, that's where Totally Psych'd comes in. A community project that needs passion and dedication to complete...that's where Totally Psych'd fits in. Are you 50-something and you got laid off, downsized or replaced by an MBA wearing sneakers? You can have an individual Totally Psych'd session with our President. No, not him...our President of Success Stories, Inc.

But, we are even more than all of this exciting and worthwhile energy. 

Remember Speakers Bureaus? 

Ugh! Same old nothingness speeches that may have felt like the spark you get from a wet match. Totally Psych'd will get you a presentation partner to help you achieve the real objective of a driven desire to do something rewarding and meaningful. We have very impressive speakers available for your company, group, event or conference.

We are all tired...dead tired of doing, but not achieving. Let us help you get Totally Psych'd.

 Call (716) 481-4578 for a no obligation discussion of what you are looking for to get the passion recharged!

CREATE          IMAGINE          INSPIRE

Let's keep it simple.The One-on-One Totally Psych'd session is $175/hour (usually 5 sessions). Our fee for any presenter is $1,500 for a 90-minute session or less. Additional time or multi-session request with Totally Psych'd- our fee is negotiable. Travel, hotel and meals are based on a per diem. Once a session is booked, a 50% deposit is due. The balance is due upon the arrival of the guest. Payment by check is requested. Thank you!