Success Stories, Inc.     Established in 1990     Thomas P. McNulty, President     Orchard Park, New York




Welcome and Thank You for Visiting Us Today!

Success Stories, Inc. was created in 1990 to help existing and newly formed companies with management and marketing consulting. We have helped our clients achieve extremely cost-effective growth and revenue generation through practical marketing plans, solid public and media relations and appropriate use of advertising.

Success Stories has a very strong expertise in healthcare, start-ups and not for profit organizations. In 2014, we decided to more accurately reflect what we do for our clients. We are really activists
 because our clients want us to work with them to get things done. Providing consultation, in an environment where time is precious, is not efficient. We are more "actively" involved in a partnership toward achieving results. We are not coaching from the sideline, we are on the field and in the game.

When you hire Success Stories, the president of the company works with you - not an account executive. Further, we don't have the overhead or big agency expenses, so we pride ourselves on delivering true and meaningful value. Like most of our client's businesses, Success Stories is run like a tight family company based on passion, experience and a dedication to achieve success.                                                        Since 1990

Let's have an informal meeting and explore how our strengths can help your organization immediately. We have customized solutions unique to your pressing needs and vision. Success Stories brings a diversified box of tools to respond to the fast paced technological world we live in. We respect that "haste makes waste", yet we are poised for trend identification, support data and the critical need for strong market positioning. We are your storytellers targeting specific markets for maximum return.

We're ready. Are you?

Tom McNulty, President